The New Sights Travel Guide is a set of 3 hardcover travel books published by a fictional publishing house. The target audience for these books are young adults, fresh graduates from high school or college, and people who have just begun their career and have disposable income. These people want and need help to plan their dream vacation and this travel guide from New Sights Publishing is here to help!
I began ideation by browsing other travel guide book covers. I made a board of covers that matched the art style and direction I wanted to take this project in.
I then created two moodboard variations: one a very physical and 3 dimensional art style, with clear depth and color variation, the other a vector style, with screen printing textures and layer effects.
I chose to go with the physical, paper cut moodboard and began to create variations of one cover. In Illustrator, I created vector shapes of iconic buildings in the Tokyo skyline and grouped 2-3 buildings together in each layer. Then in Photoshop, I added the paper texture and dropshadow on each layer. Finally, in InDesign, I added the type and experimented with the layouts and typefaces used, along with variations of color and size.
The last part of the project I created was the New Sights Publishing logo. I had the type just laid out on the cover, like in the above images. I decided the type needed to be set in a logo. I wanted to convey travel with this lock-up so I mirrored a globe with the circle and the "N" & "S" cutout represents the continents. 
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