Tokyo Sando is a food truck in Portland, OR, specializing in Japanese convenience store style sandwiches. This rebrand embraces the foodie culture the company is trying to target while also incorporating inspiration from Japanese graphic design and branding style. While this project is just a concept and not a reality, this brand expression is a cohesive way to communicate Tokyo Sando's goal of bringing Tokyo to Portland, one bite at a time.
I began researching the current branding of the company and their products they offered. I found they had a lack of cohesion in their branding throughout their deliverables.  
I created some moodboards on the feeling I wanted to convey to customers and the visual style I wanted the brand to achieve.
I then started thumbnail sketches of the icons and logo of the company. I focused on an egg cut in half as a character, since Japanese egg salad sandwiches have hard boiled eggs cut in half inside the sandwich.
I picked some of the favorites in the thumbnail sketches and digitized them. I used a variation of typefaces, character shape and perspective, and form factor of each logo. 
After creating the brand identity, I organized all the information into a brand guideline book for future reference. Here are the spreads from the brand guide. 
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